Sunday, June 3, 2007

you're so cool + drunk


The Winks
Too Hot To Be This Cool (2005)

Greg Beets (Austin Chron):
Imagine Tura Satana from Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! starting a punk band after too many tallboys and you'll understand the eternal bad girl camp at the heart of this local endeavor. The women of the Winks cultivate a saucy, swaggering dynamic that keeps their otherwise straightforward approach to punk rock ticking. There's no wheel reinvention here, just a 20-minute nonstop burst of come-ons and put-downs. Penny Tration's guitar is surly and industrial, while Amanda Hugnkiss' artfully disaffected vox lie somewhere between sneer and pout, lending credence to the Winks' violently lascivious subject matter.

1. He's a Gun
2. You're So Hot
3. Sorry Baby
4, You're Gonna Die
5. Miss Brown
6. Fuck Me Around
7. Turn It Up
8. Saturday Night
9. Trick or Treat
10. Electric
11. Don't Want To
12. Never Gonna Die
13. Spoil Me

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