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Motörhead/ Girlschool
St. Valentine's Day Massacre EP (1981)

This glorious artifact documents one of the most peculiar detours in Motörhead's uniformly pedal-to-the-metal career. Having befriended the members of all-female metal band Girlschool, Lemmy and Company decided that a friendly co-headlining single was in order. So was born the St. Valentine's Day Massacre EP, a three-track disc issued on Valentine's Day 1981 (reaching number five in the charts on February 21st), featuring each band covering a hit by the other: Girlschool crashed their way through Motörhead's "Bomber," while they, in turn, attacked the girls' "Emergency." Even more amusing, the two bands collaborated on a spirited remake of the ancient Johnny Kidd & the Pirates number "Please Don't Touch".

1. "Please Don't Touch" - Motörhead/ Girlschool
2. "Emergency" - Motörhead
3. "Bomber" - Girlschool

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cuddlefish said...

St Valentine's Day Massacre EP
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nice one! thanks so much!

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nice one! thanks so much!

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aikin said...

I've heard about this EP for years, but never had a chance to hear it.
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Ashley Plath said...

this is so fucking cool!
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Rob said...

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darkgr33n said...

thanks - I got this on the day it came out, but never bothered to rip it. will be nice to hear again, thanks man

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