Sunday, June 10, 2007

golly gee


Kathy McCarty
Dead Dog's Eyeball: Songs of Daniel Johnston (1994)

1. Intro
2. Walking the Cow
3. Rocket Ship
4. Living Life
5. I Had a Dream
6. I Am a Baby (In My Universe)
7. Hey Joe
8. Like a Monkey in a Zoo
9. Sorry Entertainer
10. Desperate man Blues
11. Oh No
12. Hate Song
13. Golly Gee
14. Going Down
15. Museum of Love
16. Wild West Virginia
17. Running Water
18. Grievances
19. The Creature

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cuddlefish said...

Dead Dogs Eyeball
pw: cuddlefish

Anonymous said...

This is a true marvel of music! This girl has an absolutely stunningly beautiful voice.
Knew her from themesong of the movies Before Sunrise & Before Sunset. Great!

Gunboy 3 said...

Knew her from Glass Eye. A sadly little-known group. Great off-kilter arrangements

cuddlefish said...

Kathy does have a lovely voice. I'll post a Glass Eye album up soon.

Anonymous said...

thank you sweet baby apple drop