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Gitogito Hustler
Love & Roll (2006)

J-girl punkers Gito Gito Hustler are super-smiley and wear matching denim outfits (which they sewed themselves) and love the high and tight harmonies of American girl group rock and roll, which they seed throughout the tunes on Love and Roll, their second long-player for Gearhead. GGH also likes big, fat, thrashy punk riffs, and the combination of both tastes on Love and Roll is sorta like getting punched in the face by the Bettie Page-banged gal at the end of the bar to whom you just made an entirely inappropriate comment – you're
totally taken aback by the blow, but love her all the same for landing it with such force and skill. My fave upper cuts are the crunchy, Electric Eel Shock-styled "PG" (and not just because those are my initials), and a cover of "Locomotion" that opens on a lurching, Sabbath-Frankenstein line before dropping its drawers and revealing its adorable speedfreak heart (though I'm not sure about the ska break at the midpoint). You know, we could all use five to the snotbox every once in a while, so who would you rather serve it to you – a buncha greasy punks, or four happy Japanese girls? Don't send me your answers.

1. Love & Roll
2. M * Waka
3. Puzzle
4. Spherical Mass
5. PG
6. It's So Easy
7. Silent Man
8. Mt. Fuji
9. Locomotion
10. Rapo Rapo
11. Maybe Love

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cuddlefish said...

Love and Roll
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Dgrador said...

I'm a sucker for Japanese girl bands. Can't wait to hear this one.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!!!

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