Thursday, May 31, 2007

agitpunk w/ cello


The Ex + Tom Cora
Scrabbling at the Lock (1991)

1. State of Shock
2. Hidegen Fújnak a Szelek
3. King Commie
4. Crusoe
5. The Flute's Tale
6. A Door
7. Propadada
8. Batium
9. Total Preparation
10. 1993
11. Fire and Ice
12. Sukaina

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

crippled and the burnout


Crippled and the Burnout
New York 7" (1993)

Michael Duane (DUSTdevils)
this is an oddity from 1993, we spent 3 weekends recording a different 7" each one, no rehersals, nothing... this one has me, Norman Westburg (the swans) & Roland S Howard (crime & the city solution, the birthday party) on it... there's another two out there somewhere (but i don't have them...), with Lee Renaldo (sonic youth) & David Kleiler (volcano suns), out there somewhere...

1. Ambulance Dancer
2. Bitch Saloon Romance

Thank you for sharing this Michael.

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no ordinary madness


Gutterlight (1988)

1. Ordinary Madness
2. Whim of Iron
3. White Temper
4. Losing Ground
5. As I Lay Dying
6. The Freeze Whistle
7. Oyster Catcher

Cheers Michael!

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goes down like liquid gold

comes right back up like slow dynamite


Lydia Lunch with Rowland S. Howard
Shotgun Wedding (1991)

1. Burning Skulls
2. In My Time of Dying
3. Solar Hex
4. Endless Fall
5. What Is Memory
6. Pigeon Town
7. Cisco Sunset
8. Incubator
9. Black Juju

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Isis & Aereogramme
In The Fishtank [14] (2006)

1. Low Tide
2. Delial
3. Stolen

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Black Tambourine
Complete Recordings (1999)

Black Tambourine made dark lovely indie pop back at a time (the end of the '80s) when there weren't any other bands making that kind of music and in a city (Washington, DC) where punk was the thing to do. What's remarkable about Black Tambourine isn't just that they were swimming against the tide, but also that the kind of music they were making caught on big time in the '90s, and that the songs they recorded proved so durable. Sadly there aren't many of those, just ten, all of which have been collected on Complete Recordings, which commemorates the band's brief two-year career.

1. For Ex-Lovers Only
2. Black Car
3. Pack You Up
4. Can't Explain
5. I Was Wrong
6. Throw Aggi Off the Bridge
7. Drown
8. We Can't Be Friends
9. By Tomorrow
10. Pam's Tan

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

in my dreams

i slash your tires

if the straitjacket fits...


Straitjacket Fits
Life In One Chord (1987)

1. Dialing a Prayer
2. All That That Brings
3. Sparkle That Shines
4. She Speeds

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Arc-Lite (1989)

1. Arc-Lite (Sonar)
2. Arc-Lite (Radiated)
3. Sunburst

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Monday, May 28, 2007

howe gelb

moshi moshi


Telephono (1996)

1. Don't Buy the Realistic
2. Not Turning Off
3. All the Negatives Have Been Destroyed
4. Cvantez
5. Nefarious
6. Claws Tracking
7. Dismember
8. Idiot Driver
9. Towner
10. Wanted to Be Your
11. Theme to Wendel Stivers
12. Primary
13. The Government Darling
14. Plastic Mylar

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Coming Up For Air (2002)

On 16 October 2001, all four members of Ride agreed to be filmed by Channel 4. The footage was used for a documentary on Sonic Youth, and featured both Bell's and Gardener's unique use of feedback and distortion during a thirty minute jam. The recording of this song, plus two short sound checks, were released in 2002 as Coming up for Air.

1. Soundcheck 1
2. Soundcheck 2
3. Performance

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dancing queen


Various Artists
Abbasalutely: A Flying Nun Tribute to ABBA (1995)

1. Ring, Ring - Breast Secreting Cake
2. Mamma Mia - 3Ds
3. Dancing Queen - Garageland
4. Waterloo - Cloth (Robert Scott & David Kilgour)
5. My Love, My Life - Bike
6. Honey, Honey - Loves Ugly Children
7. Super Trouper - Headless Chickens
8. Money, Money, Money - Chug
9. Knowing Me, Knowing You - Superette
10. When I Kissed the Teacher - The Maguck Heads
11. Tropical Loveland - Martin and the Moondogs
12. SOS - Able Tasmans
13. The Name of the Game - Shaynie & Fifi
14. On and On and On - Tall Dwarfs

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tiger trap


What's forbidden
Is a treasure hidden
I got a clue
On the trail of finding all about you

Beat Happening
You Turn Me On (1992)

1. Tiger Trap
2. Noise
3. Pinebox Derby
4. Teenage Caveman
5. Sleepy Head
6. You Turn Me On
7. Godsend
8. Hey Day
9. Bury the Hammer

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

atari teenage riot

Mr. engineer...faders up!

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Jon Wayne
Texas Funeral (1992)

Cargo Records/Fist Puppet 001

1. But I've Got Texas
2. Texas Funeral
3. Mr. Egyptian
4. Texas Cyclone
5. Texas Jailcell
6. Workin' Man Blues
7. Shades
8. Texas Wine
9. Is That Justice?
10. Texas Polka
11. You and the Kitten
12. Apple Schnapps
13. Truckin'
14. One Hundred and Fifty-One Owl Caricatures
15. Texas Studio

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I'll drive so far away

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Galaxie 500
Blue Thunder EP (1989)

1. Blue Thunder (with sax) [Krukowski/Wareham/Yang]
2. Victory Garden [Red Crayola]
3. Ceremony [Joy Division]
4. Cold Night [Krukowski/Wareham/Yang]

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kiss meets the phantom of the park

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3410 Flavors/ Schmuck/ Red Riddle/ Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park

Little Deputy Records (1993)

Gomez (not to be confused with the latter-day British band who paid them hush money):

Ryan McDaniel – guitar
Chepo Peña – bass
Keith Palumbo – drums

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Saturday, May 26, 2007



obsessively yours

Everyone says love is lean these days
And everyone pays for their dreams in some way
I haven't got you, or dishonorable intentions
All I hold is a photograph of my magnificent obssession

Adorable - Sistine Chapel Ceiling

Sistine Chapel Ceiling (1993)

1. Sistine Chapel Ceiling
2. Everything's Fine
3. Seasick Martyr
4. Obsessively Yours

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cobweb mind

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Under Byen - Puma

Under Byen
Puma (ep) 1997

1. Puma
2. Vindeltrappe
3. Spindelvævssind

Recorded at Bissensgades Lydstudie, October 1997.
Limited to 500 copies. Now out of print.

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