Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mr. engineer...faders up!

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Jon Wayne
Texas Funeral (1992)

Cargo Records/Fist Puppet 001

1. But I've Got Texas
2. Texas Funeral
3. Mr. Egyptian
4. Texas Cyclone
5. Texas Jailcell
6. Workin' Man Blues
7. Shades
8. Texas Wine
9. Is That Justice?
10. Texas Polka
11. You and the Kitten
12. Apple Schnapps
13. Truckin'
14. One Hundred and Fifty-One Owl Caricatures
15. Texas Studio

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cuddlefish said...

Texas Funeral (1992)
pw: cuddlefish

David Selden said...

bin lookin for this dawgy for some time, but the Zip failed to decompress (twice) - broken link?

David Selden said...

No Go Diggy Die! I figured it out doh'

cuddlefish said...

Too much Apple Schnapps?
Glad the link is not broken.

David Selden said...

Texas wine

Koen said...

I remember the title track from that Vampire soundtrack, great song! Many thanks.

Anonymous said...


wiz said...

yeehah, nice album :D