Wednesday, May 30, 2007

crippled and the burnout


Crippled and the Burnout
New York 7" (1993)

Michael Duane (DUSTdevils)
this is an oddity from 1993, we spent 3 weekends recording a different 7" each one, no rehersals, nothing... this one has me, Norman Westburg (the swans) & Roland S Howard (crime & the city solution, the birthday party) on it... there's another two out there somewhere (but i don't have them...), with Lee Renaldo (sonic youth) & David Kleiler (volcano suns), out there somewhere...

1. Ambulance Dancer
2. Bitch Saloon Romance

Thank you for sharing this Michael.

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cuddlefish said...

Crippled and the Burnout
pw: cuddlefish

Anonymous said...

So, so COOL!! Thanks!

Aleksandar said...

Hello!I searching for CRIME & CITY SOLUTION - The Adversary Live & Room Of Lights.If You have this albums PLEASE posted.I surely would appreciate it.Beforehand grateful

cuddlefish said...

Sorry Aleksandar, I'm looking for those albums myself :(

michaeldustdevil said...

i just played this myself... quite nice...

cuddlefish said...

Yes, it is quite nice.
I'd love to hear the other two :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I really need this and it's dead...any chance of re-upping?
I've never even heard of this. Pretty Please?


Anthony said...

Hi, a copy just showed up on eBay,