Saturday, June 16, 2007



Boyfuckingracer (2001)

1. He Gets Me so Hard
2. Black Fantastic
3. A Friend for Life
4. Yr Unspoken Desire
5. Razor
6. Tested
7. Small Consolation
8. Stabbed
9. Foam
10. Passionflower
11. Yr Breaking His Heart
12. Baleen
13. False Economy
14. I've Got It and It's Not Worth Having
15. Buffalo
16. My Town
17. We Were Wrong
18. Cog
19. Her Fame Fades Quickly
20. I Am Looking for Somewhere Else
21. Short Changed
22. Is It Me, Or Is It Cold
23. Feathers
24. Friend
25. Meadowhall
26. Vitamin B
27. New Punk Song
28. One Step Forward
29. West Riding House
30. Superhip
31. The Useless Romantic
32. Spindle
33. In Love With These Times

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Anonymous said...

hey Cuddlefish,
thanks for this, I'd never heard them before but have listened to Black Fantastic about a million times now.
Cheers, trixie

cuddlefish said...

you are welcome.

michaeldustdevil said...

nice post sir... thank you, thank you...
oh, i've created a myspace page for Ancients if you fancy stopping by...