Friday, June 15, 2007

bullet holes in the mailbox

Flatter than a tabletop
Makes you wonder why they stopped here
Wagon must have lost a wheel
or they lacked ambition one


James McMurtry and the Heartless Bastards
Live In Aught-Three (2004)

1. Saint Mary of the Woods
2. Fraulein O.
3. Red Dress
4. No More Buffalo
5. 60 Acres
6. Rachel's Song
7. Out Here in the Middle
8. Choctaw Bingo
9. Lights of Cheyenne
10. Levelland
11. Max's Theorem
12. I'm Not From Here
13. Too Long in the Wasteland
14. Rex's Blues

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cuddlefish said...

JM- Live in Aught Three - part one
pw: cuddlefish

JM- Live in Aught Three - part two
pw: cuddlefish