Friday, February 29, 2008

school bus

Bob Log III
School Bus (1998)

1. String Around a Stick
2. All the Rockets Go Bang
3. Fire in the Hole
4. Big Ass Hard On
5. Duck Back Down
6. Old Lady Jones
7. Look at That
8. Clock
9. I Want Your Shit on My Leg
10. Cold Motor
11. Pig Tail Swing
12. The Look at the Walk
13. Land of a Thousand Swirling Asses

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cuddlefish said...

School Bus
pw: cuddlefish

t. said...


I feel impelled by my deep sense of personal integrity to point out that these songs are vulgar and blasphemous, and that, to the horror of my chaste body, they make me erect.

I mean, like an erect penis. Not like an biped mammal that walks upright, because that would be talking about evolution, and we don't do that in my family because we're going to go live with Jesus some blessed day.

I hope you like the smell of brimstone, harlot!

Heskin Radiophonic said...

Bog Log III - fantastic! The man is a genius.

yotam lo_kadosh said...

thanks for the album! Bob Log III is a genius indeed!