Tuesday, February 12, 2008

hum of life

Dog Faced Hermans
Hum of Life (1993)

1. Jan. 9
2. Viva
3. The Hook and the Wire
4. How We Connect
5. Love Split With Blood
6. Wings
7. White Indians
8. Hear the Dogs
9. Love Is the Heart of Everything
10. Madame La Mer
11. Peace Warriors

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cuddlefish said...

Hum Of Life (1993)
pw: cuddlefish

Anonymous said...

awesome, those deep buds was one of my favorite albums of all time
cant wait to hear this

Convertido said...

Thanks for this, I still kick myself for being lazy and staying home when they played a free show in Dallas around the release of this Lp...what a dumb-ass!