Wednesday, February 6, 2008

long live the well-doer

Long Live the Well-Doer (2004)

1. Sands and Sands
2. Jonas Got a Tooth
3. Don't let it Show
4. I Am a Somnabulist
5. People Flock Not to the good
6. Wisteria
7. Early Bird Gets the Worm
8. All That Will Be Has Become, All That Has Come Isn't Gone
9. Song's a Seed in My Garden

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cuddlefish said...

Long Live the Well-Doer
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Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Much appreciated. -- Murf

michaelDUSTdevil said...

just doing some hard drive repair, hope you're doing well... you've been quiet... i have a stomach ulcer, so i'm about to be quiet... Mxxx