Monday, February 18, 2008

nancy vandal and the popgun assassins

Nancy Vandal
Return of the Zombie Skate Poets from Planet Sex (1994)

1. Hi Fans
2. She Left Me for a Game Show Host Blues
3. Bad Hair Day
4. Some Girls
5. 20th Century Romeo
6. Traditional Croation Tree Planting Polka
7. Sucker for Your Spit
8. Space Girl With Bionic Breasts
9. I Slam Therefore I Am
10. Bone Slacks Max
11. The Self Loathing Song

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cuddlefish said...

Nancy Vandal
pw: cuddlefish

Anonymous said...

i've been searching for the deathray davies for the past hour. so far, i've a totat of 2 songs, i can get four more with a simple myspace hack... but anywhos.. i saw that you liked them on (which is also how i found your blog... btw, nice music choices :)...anywhos.. do you have aim...xmpp..irc..anything where we can setup a music trading session? i srsly want the DEATHRAY DAVIES. who would have thought the edonkey AND the torrent would be dead. sigh. anywhos.. i'll keep checking back.. hope to hear from you soon. sorry for being off-topic, feel free to delete, but please please please respond. thank you. -h