Sunday, February 3, 2008


Sir Richard Bishop
Improvika (2004)

1. Provenance Unknown
2. Gnostic Gem
3. Rudra's Feast
4. Cryptonymus
5. Jaisalmer
6. Mystic Minor 23
7. Tripurasundari
8. Rose Secretions
9. Skull of Sidon

link in comments


cuddlefish said...

pw: cuddlefish

Steve said...


I've been trying to DL this with no success- 2 different sources (badongo & megaupload) ended up with 'failed decompression'. Is there something wrong with the link? Any suggestions? (Don't usually have problems with DL's).

Thanks for posting Sir Richard & thanks for the great blog!

cuddlefish said...

hmmm... i just downloaded this from bodongo and had no problems. are you using the pass word - cuddlefish ?