Monday, March 3, 2008

loud half jap

Half Japanese
Loud (1981)

1. My Concentration, Oh No
2 2 Hearts = 1
3. If My Father Answers, Don't Say Nothing
4. Scientific Devices
5. Gift
6. Dumb Animals
7. Popular
8. I Know How It Feels... Bad
9. Perfume
10. New Brides Of Frankenstein
11. Forget You
12. Loud/Louder/Loudest
13. Spy
14. No Danger
15. Love Lasts Forever (Sometimes)
16. Nurse
17. Only Dancing
18. Bad To Your Best Friend
19. Baby Wants Music
20. High School Tonight

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cuddlefish said...
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cuddlefish said...

Loud - 1981
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Anonymous said...

The webpage cannot be found.
Is it me or has it gone already?

michaeldustdevil said...

thank you sir... hope life is treating you well... XXX

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VU said...

ThE lInK iS dEaD, bUt We MoRtAls WoUlD bE gRaTeFuL fOr A rE-uP