Friday, December 14, 2007

walking in the shadow of the big man

Guadalcanal Diary
Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man (2003 reissue)

1. Trail of Tears
2. Fire from Heaven
3. Sleepers Awake
4. Gilbert Takes the Wheel
5. Ghost on the Road
6. Watusi Radio
7. Whay do the Heathen Rage?
8. Pillow Talk
9. Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man, Part 1
10. Kumbayah
11. Johnny B. Goode
12. Michael Rockefeller
13. Liwa Wechi
14. John Wayne
15. Dead Eyes
16. Just an Excuse

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cuddlefish said...

WITSOTBM (tracks 1-10)

WITSOTBM-bonus (bonus tracks)

pw: cuddlefish

Anonymous said...

How do I unzip the file on a Mac when it's password protected?

Anonymous said...

Trail of Tears is one of the 80s best songs.

cuddlefish said...

I use the 7 Zip freeware. For Mac try
EZ 7z or Zipeg

Koen said...

Great collection, I had almost forgotten how good they were, thanx.

jeffen said...

I saw them in 88 - one of the best live shows of my life. The albums often seemed hit and miss (the 'hits' being amazing tho'.)