Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Maria Kalaniemi
Maria Kalaniemi (1992)

1. Hermannin riili
2. Skymningspolskan
3. Taklax I
4. Samuell Dikströmin polska
5. Olin sairas kun luokseni saavuit
6. Yxi kaunis papillinen polska
7. Farmorspolskan
8. Taklax II
9. Varpusen polska
10. Hjortingen
11. Tähdet taivahalla

Uploaded for Pete.
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cuddlefish said...

Maria Kalamieni
pw: cuddlefish

(note: EAC secure mode high quality rip)

Adrian said...

Hey man, I just discovered, and love, you blog! I was wondering if you had Everything's Alright Forever by the Boo Radleys?

cuddlefish said...

Yes. I'll rip it in the next few days.

Adrian said...

Brilliant! You rock!

cuddlefish said...

I don't listen to much folk music but this album put a spell on me when it was released.

cuddlefish said...

as the "next few days" turned into weeks...

Everything's Alright Forever