Friday, December 7, 2007

get yer body next ta mine

Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine (2003)

1. I Put It In, Way Down South
2. 1000 Years
3. Like Food, It Feeds
4. Tonight's the Night
5. Just One Time
6. Manner In Which the Girl Was Treated
7. UFO, Please Take Her Home
8. Hey Stiffie
9. Couldn't Find Love
10. Nife Fight
11. My Baby, I Killed Her
12. Yes, I'm Down
13. Other Man
14. Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine

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cuddlefish said...

pw: cuddlefish

T said...

Freaky ... for some reason, WinAmp is reading all of these songs as being 40 minutes or longer.
(but still skips to the next song when the preceding one ends).

This music sounds DEMONIC and SPOOKY and now I have to read one of those little green bibles that people hand out for free; 1. because only a weird person would actually BUY a bible. that seems wrong on a number of levels. 2. Because I'm about to go to Kroger's (do the signs have apostrophes? I don't think they do. Krogers.), and I'm afraid the locals will smell the SATAN on me and try to perform an exorcism/BBQ in the parking lot when I come out with my cigarettes and grapefruits and hydrocortisone cream.

p.s. thanks again cuddlefish. with your selection of music, and your inclusion of rip specs, this is one of the few mp3blogs that I regularly check out.

p.s.s. and now, I must make sweet sweet love to you again.