Wednesday, December 26, 2007

back to the mono kero

Back to the Mono Kero (2001)

1. Waving Scientist @ Frog King
2. Tozka
3. Aji Fry (Fried Horse Mackerel)
4. Pop Muzik
5. Gween-Kong-Zee
6. Cucumber Surrender
7. Wipe Out #3
8. Solid States Kerock 'N' Roll
9. Zero Gravity
10. Crime of the Century
11. Sasuke

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cuddlefish said...

Back To The Mono Kero!-1 (tracks 1-6)

Back To The Mono Kero!-2 (tracks 7-11)

pw: cuddlefish

(note: iTunes v4.6.0.15 @320)

downgrade said...

great album, i looked for this for forever! finally bought it. do you have any other exgirl?

cuddlefish said...

I'm looking for my copy of Kero! Kero! Kero!. Still searching...

ruben said...

great post, just stumbled by. if you found kero! kero! kero!, i would forever be in your debt (relatively speaking of course).