Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Split (1994)

1. Light From a Dead Star
2. Kiss Chase
3. Blackout
4. Hypocrite
5. Lovelife
6. Desire Lines
7. The Invisible Man
8. Undertow
9. Never-Never
10. Lit Up
11. Starlust
12. When I Die

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cuddlefish said...

pw: cuddlefish

Aladasian The Meerkat said...

I dunno if you have it in your collection (either hard copy or didital), but if you have the album "Electric Blues" by the Sook-Yin/Black Euros one off project called Slan, would you please post it someday? It would be most appreciated from this visitor.

Thanks in advance for any help on this share. :*)~

cuddlefish said...

Sorry, I have no Sook-Yin Lee in my collection :( though now it is on my want list.

Aladasian The Meerkat said...

Good luck trying to find her stuff in a store... I'm not sure if the two solo albums she put out (Lavinia's Tongue and Wigs & Guns) or the Slan side proj LP are still available for purchase in one around your way (if the albums were imported to the US market) or in print, even... <:*)~