Tuesday, October 2, 2007

roller derby queens

Red Aunts
#1 Chicken (1995)

1. Freakathon
2. Tin Foil Fish Bowl
3. Hate
4. Detroit Valentine
5. Krush
6. Satan
7. Rollerderby Queen
8. Willabell
9. When Sugar Turns to Shit
10. Poker Party
11. Peppermint Patty
12. Mota
13. Number One Chicken
14. Netty

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cuddlefish said...

#1 Chicken
pw: cuddlefish

mike said...

Ha!! I use to know these girls..

cuddlefish said...

Any idea of what the band members went on to do?

Anonymous said...

no idea..it seems like an eternity ago..lots of drugs,booze and wasted time..

Dgrador said...

Teri Wahl is or was in The Screws.