Sunday, October 28, 2007

the enraged will inherit the earth

The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth (Plus rarities) (1998)

1. Boy Meets Girl So What
2. Governing Takes Brains
3. An Address to the Better Off
4. Hands Off or Die
5. What Are Boys Fighting For
6. Keep An Open Mind Or Else
7. We Are All Born Creeps
8. The Home Secretary Briefs the Forces of Law and Order
9. I'm Not a Patriot But...
10. Throw Him Out He's Breaking My Heart
11. All Your Questions Answered
12. New Left Review #2
13. The Lion Will Lie Down with the Lamb
14. St. Francis Amongst the Mortals
15. Nobody Could Care Less About Your Private Lives
16. Can the Haves Use Their Brains
17. With Our Eye On Getting Their Pay
18. Boy Meets Girl So What (from the McCarthy at War EP)

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cuddlefish said...

McCarthy-Enraged-part1 (tracks 1-10)

McCarthy-Enraged-part2 (tracks 11-18)

pw: cuddlefish

Emperor Tomato said...

Thank you so much! I've been looking for this McCarthy album for months, and with extras too, I'm overwhelmed. You rock!