Saturday, October 20, 2007

Did you hear about the Irishman who opened a tandoori restaurant?

Pigs on Purpose (1982)

1. Blood for Dirt
2. Start from Scratch
3. One Mistake
4. Well Done Underdog
5. The Crunch
6. The Hedonists Sigh
7. It Lives Again
8. Make Good
9. Don't Blink
10. Joking Apart
11. Yeah It's Ok
12. Use Your Loaf
13. Blisters

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cuddlefish said...

Pigs On Purpose
pw: cuddlefish

michaeldustdevil said...

such a great lp... i just got the Prefects "amateur wankers" if you want it... how's things?


cuddlefish said...

The Prefects. Yes, please :)


Mark Badger said...

More info on the new album here:

Anonymous said...

Love 'em! x