Friday, August 17, 2007

sister run naked

ロリータ18号 (Lolita No. 18)
姉さん裸走り (Sister Run Naked) (1996年7月25日)

1. N.H.B.
2. Saloone
3. Fortune Cards in Tibet
4. Fool's Children
5. I Am a King
6. Shakin' All Over
7. Chimney
8. Snoopy (Hang on Sloopy)
9. The First Gale in the Spring
10. Song of a Girl Can't Wait
11. Onodera-San
12. [Untitled]

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cuddlefish said...

Sister Run Naked
pw: cuddlefish

paul said...

Ha, saw these gals when they supported SICKO in seattle about 1995/96, they were great fun !
So nice to see they are not forgoten,
By the way, I know they had at least 3 albums out at that time, did they do any more ?
Anyway great post Thanks

cuddlefish said...

"Sister Run Naked" was their second album and was recorded here in Austin.

Lolita No. 18 discography.

I have most albums through 2000.

Anonymous said...