Friday, August 3, 2007

friday random ten

Photo by Ryan McManus

Coverlar Edition

"Solitary Man" (Best Neil Diamond cover. Ever.) - Sidewinders [Witchdoctor (1989)]

"So Sad About Us" (The Who cover) - The Breeders [Safari EP (1992)]

"Heroes (live)" (David Bowie cover) - Blondie [Singles Box Disc 10 (2004)]

"Two Of Us" (Beatles Cover) - Laibach [Let It Be (1988)]

"The 15th" (Wire Cover) - Angry Angles [Apparent-Transparent 7" (2006)]

"Running to Stand Still" (U2 cover) - Tori Amos [Live in Brussels 12/6/2005]

"Goldfinger" (John Barry cover) - Man or Astro-man? [Return to Chaos (1995)]

"Tower of Song" (Leonard Cohen cover) - The Jesus and Mary Chain [Rollercoaster EP (1990)]

"Men Chuguruk" (Deep Purple's Highway Star) - Буготак (Bugotak)[Сибирские сказки (Siberian Tales) 2005]

"Victory Garden" (Red Crayola cover) - Galaxie 500 [Blue Thunder EP (1989)]

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jos said...

excellent mix of cover tunes. thanks for the selection!