Friday, August 10, 2007


Big Black
The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape (1987)

1. Jordan, Minnesota
2. Passing Complexion
3. Big Money
4. Kerosene
5. Bad Houses
6. Fists of Love
7. Stinking Drunk
8. Bazooka Joe
9. Cables (live)
10. Heartbeat
11. Things To Do Today
12. I Can't Believe
13. My Disco
14. Grinder
15. Ready Men
16. Pete, King of the Detectives

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cuddlefish said...

big black 8-track
pw: cuddlefish

jos said...

AAAAAAAH! this takes me back! thanks for the mems, cuddles.

p.s. your site has been extra smokin' lately: burma, jesus & mary chain, petrol emotion, the 'mats. it's become one of my regulars.

matt said...

Thanks for the Big Black. Steve Albini is a freakin genius whatever he touches.

cuddlefish said...

You are welcome.

alex supertramp said...

i'll have to second exactly what Joe said -- ahhh, the memories!! a number of these are stashed on cassette tape in some hole I can't even locate so this is just grand! -- thanks for the reminder of some old faves (and introductions to those that should have been, or soon will be!)...