Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Roky!


Roky Erickson
Don't Slander Me (1986)

1. Don't Slander Me
2. Haunt
3. Crazy Crazy Mama
4. Nothing in Return
5. Burn the Flames
6. Bermuda
7. You Drive Me Crazy
8. Can't Be Brought Down
9. Starry Eyes
10. The Damn Thing

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cuddlefish said...

Don't Slander Me
pw: cuddlefish

Dgrador said...

My fave of his post 13th Floor Elevators recordings.

Guerritas said...

Thanks for sharing this, great album!!!

Anonymous said...

He really is weird but wonderful. I sae he recently did a few shows; let's hope he does some more. Thanks.

cuddlefish said...

Over the past year Roky has performed live at a few festivals (ACL, Coachella). He still sounds great. If you get a chance, see the new film about Roky: You're Gonna Miss Me.


edlorado said...

thanks for sharing!

Sage said...

Great post and a cool blog - thanks