Saturday, July 14, 2007

another hate filled message


The Punkaroos
The Punkaroos (2002)

The Punkaroos are veterans of the Austin underground having played in such bands as The Dicks, Swine King, Shoulders, Pretty Mouth, Jaws Of Life, Trouser Trout, Smell Of Blood, Shootin' Pains, Boy Trouble, Blown Bayou, The Jeffersons, The Knuckleheads etc.

Dotty Farrell (vocals)
Mark Kenyon (guitar)
Todd Kassens (guitar)
Buxf Parrott (bass)
Pat D. (drums)

1. The Day I Leave the USA
2. Old Drunk Punk On Junk
3. Road Rage
4. Ebola
5. Another Hate Filled Message
6. Flavor of the Week
7. Head on Crash
8. Pigs Run Wild
9. Rich Bastard
10. Eyes
11. Ground Zero / Bushit
12. Why Are We Sleeping?
13. Bury My Bones
14. Creedmoor Landfill
15. Rich Daddy
16. Atheistic Love Song

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