Monday, July 30, 2007

The Clash - 25 Years Ago Today

Twenty-five years ago today I experienced IMHO, The Best. Concert. Ever.

This show was, sadly, the first and last time I ever saw The Clash. When they opened up with "White Riot" the crowd went wild and never let up. I emerged from the show with a few minor bruises, a huge grin on my face and a lifelong love for The Clash. Whenever I hear their music I'm transported back to the stalls. I'm seventeen again and still looking for career opportunities.

Black Market Clash:
Mick’s last Clash gig in their hometown and it’s a terrific performance from its blistering start through to the finish. Mick’s father, it was reported was there the first time to see him play.

Joe has since revealed that he had punched Mick full in the face previously for refusing to play White Riot. Mick had countered that Joe had no respect for the stage. It can only be guessed at why, for the only time since 76, they started with White Riot.

Maybe because it was their last London gig of the tour and in Brixton. Known as the Fair Deal Hall, it would later be renamed Brixton Academy. It had only recently been opened for concerts and was ideal with a huge seat-less stalls area with seating upstairs.

Irrespective of the reason, the impact on the audience was a shockwave of excitement, and as everyone surged forward the metal terrace-like stanchions collapsed. The British music press, previously critical, gave rave reviews for these Brixton concerts.

Brixton Fair Deal - London
Friday 30 July 1982

White Riot
London Calling
This Is Radio Clash
The Leader
Career Opportunities
Guns of Brixton
Somebody Got Murdered
Rockers Galore
Magnificent 7
Know Your Rights
Train in Vain
Charlie Don't Surf
Janie Jones
Rock the Casbah
Police on My back
Safe European Home
Ghetto Defendent
Armagideon Time
Brand New Cadilac
Stay Free
English Civil War
Stright to Hell
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Police and Thieves
I fought the Law

Oh yeah, you may want to check out all these Clash bootlegs.



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