Saturday, December 6, 2008


Slop (1996)

1. Fun
2. Trashman
3. Wanna Ride
4. Too Tall
5. Sonic
6. Close to Me
7. Regret
8. Do You Think I'm Sexy?
9. Tell You No Lies
10. Little Bit
11. Backstabbin'
12. Know It All
13. So Far Away
14. Liked It
15. Una Babe


cuddlefish said...

Pork - Slop (1996)

zip -


Charles C Stirk Jr said...

Enjoyed this quite a bit driving to a show last night in the snow ....

This is one of those that I wish there was some commentary .... Finding squat on this band ..

Guess letting the mystery be is an option

cuddlefish said...

Pork was an Austin garage band active from roughly 1991 - 1997. Their first album Strip came out in 1994. (I'm trying to track this CD down.)

Pork are:

Dana Lee Smith - guitar, vox
Mary Hattman - bass, vox
Edith Casimir - drums, vox

Darjeeling said...

Nice to see a new post, Cuddlefish.

I'd forgotten about this band. There is some info available here:

BTW, Strip is available for less than a buck (+ shipping) on

I was partial to their early 45s:

(A) "Wanna Ride" / "Strychnine" (B) "Backstabbin'" / "Go" (SubPar/Worthless, 1992)
(A) "Wicked Ways" (B) "Things To Do" (K, 1993; aka "Squeal" ep)
(A) "Grandslam Baby" (B) "Don't Cry No Tears" (No. 6, 1993)

Charles C Stirk Jr said...

Thanks for the quick reply ... key words Pork Strip Slop Austin were leading to interesting results but not the difinative biography ..

Some of the songs on Slop sound strikingly familiar ....

I keep thinking of Mary's Danish most likely not due to similaritys in the music but the time period in my life ...

Darjeeling said...

Found two more:

In English:

In Italian (!!!):


Charles C Stirk Jr said...

I love this blog ...