Tuesday, December 23, 2008

corndogs are our friends

I Give You...Canoe! (2003)

1. Intro
2. All At Once
3. Don't Tell
4. C'mon
5. Do It So Well
6. Digicat
7. Girlfriend
8. Panty Pile
9. Feed the Raccoon
10. Corndogs Are Our Friends
11. Women of the World
12. Settle Down...I'll Never

Austin Chronicle:
Like a mad Eighties take on Sixties rock demon and former Austinite Arthur Brown, I Give You Canoe! spews forth the "holy elixir of rock roll" as the carnival barker trumpets at the beginning of the local power trio's debut. Featuring members from two of Austin's better bands, Bedbug and Dead Whale Tide, Canoe is presently more notable for securing a record deal with Pavement's Scott "Spiral Stairs" Kannberg's Amazing Grease label. Spazzing out with the melodic, devil-may-care fun of Guided by Voices and Pavement's non sequitur wordplay, Canoe motors recklessly on greasy, thrusting riffs and hot analog squeals, squeezing out memorable melodies from every nook and cranny. Justin Preston's vocals distort into the band's noisy riffage, supercharged pop bombs dropping one after another. Doused by a Keith Emerson/Jason Lytle synth barrage, "Corndogs Are Our Friends" is destined to become a signature, a tribute to the scene's big-brother corn dogs who always know what to do. If this sounds stupid, well, you'll just have to hear it.


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