Friday, November 9, 2007

what's for dinner?

The King Khan & BBQ Show
What's for Dinner? (2006)

1. Treat Me Like a Dog
2. I'll Never belong
3. Zombies
4. Dock It #8
5. Why Don't You Lie
6. Cap'n Captain
7. Too Much in Love
8. Learn My Language
9. Blow my top
10. Into the Snow
11. Operation
12. The Ballad Of
13. What's for Dinner
14. Suck It n Smell

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cuddlefish said...

What's for Dinner
pw: cuddlefish

hdvns said...

Thanks for the BBQ Show, cuddlefish!

Matt said...

This band does not give a fuck. I saw the singer with the dress throw a bull penis into the audience. It barely missed me.

Anonymous said...

saw them play in oklahoma city last weekend, and talked to the singer about Blue Cheer and doing acid