Monday, November 5, 2007

the inhalants

The Inhalants
The Inhalants (1995)

1. Alright, Hit It
2. It Was Hyperreal
3. Automatic Pilot
4. Kolchak
5. Good Times
6. Gun Shopping
7. Middle Ages
8. Shrunken Head
9. Kill You
10. Aphasia
11. Mad Scramble
12. Ain't Got No Feelings
13. Turning Out
14. Charlie Is an Icon
15. Misanthrope
16. Demolition Girl
17. Clean Slate

17 songs in 30 minutes. This is the first (and only) album released by these garage punk rockers from Austin.

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cuddlefish said...

The Inhalants
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gleather69 said...

Howdy doo. Great blog. Come on over to mine. I just started, but I bet I've already got some stuff up that you'll want. I started with a bunch of mid-90's Austin noise bands.