Tuesday, November 27, 2007

shearwater - thieves

Thieves EP (2005)

1. I Can't Wait
2. You're the Coliseum
3. Mountain Laurel
4. There's a Mark Where You Were Breathing
5. Near a Garden

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cuddlefish said...

Thieves (2005)
pw: cuddlefish

ksn said...

thanks for this! discovered shearwater through the split with okkervil you posted a while back.

you run a phenomenal blog, the effort you put in is obvious.

thx again, cheers from NYC,

Anonymous said...

cuddlefish, my dear, I love the fact that you say what bitrate/rip specs the songs you post here are.

I wish more blogs would do that - I can't tell you how many times I've downloaded a song, had it turn out to be crappy-sounding 128kbps CBR, and then realized that I couldn't download a better version because my rapidshare time was all used up.

Anyway, thanks for specifying what rip specs you use.

p.s. now, I will make magical sweet love to you!