Sunday, January 18, 2009

you were a diamond

Clem Snide
You Were a Diamond (1998)
[Bonus Tracks 2002]

01. Better
02. Nick Drake Tape
03. Row
04. Your Night to Shine
05. I Can't Stay Here tonight
06. Yip/Jump Music
07. Uglier Than You
08. Fruit Salad Stains
09. Lost on the River
10. Nothing Is Over, Not Yet
11. Accident [*]
12. Estranged Half Brother [*]


cuddlefish said...

You Were a Diamond

zip -

sk8slow said...

Great Seeing the shout out for Clem Snide!
Thanks so much!
I just wanted to share the good news that Eef and Clem Snide are back together and I just happen to be the project manager for the new record which coes out 2/24/09. If you'd like a free copy for review or any press materials for that matter feel free to let me know.
We have all sorts of online materials such as banners, images, press releases etc...
We also have buttons, posters and even vinyl for the lucky ones.
Contact me at:
Hope to hear from you!