Saturday, April 5, 2008

and the ass saw the angel

Nick Cave, Mick Harvey and Ed Clayton-Jones
And The Ass Saw The Angel (1998)

1. Mah Sanctum
2. Lamentation
3. One Autumn
4. Animal Static
"Theatre Music"**
5. Sleepy River Piano
6. Doghead
7. Pa's Traps
8. Cosey's Lullaby
9. Sanctum
10. The Hobo Church
11. Sleepy River Swoon
12. God
13. Euchrid On The Run
14. Beth's Sleepy River
15. Doghead Revidited
16. Angels

*Tracks 1 to 4: "Readings from the Book":
Originally released as a bonus disc with the initial release of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album "Tender Prey".

**Tracks 5 to 16: "Theatre Music":
Recorded at Carisbroke, Sydney (Australia). Commissioned for a theatrical adaption of the book, devised and designed by Cliff D'Oliver. Directed by Ariette Taylor and performed at The Napier St. Theatre, Melbourne (Australia) in October 1993.

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And The Ass Saw The Angel
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