Wednesday, January 9, 2008

tiny lights

Tiny Lights
Prayer for the Halcyon Fear (1985)

1. Flowers Through the Air
2. Zippity-Do-Dah
3. Country Song
4. Singing At Your Door
5. Song of the Weak
6. G. Does the Limbo
7. Sweet Solutions
8. Painted Skies
9. Chesterfield Gorge
10. Blue Dot Cleanser

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cuddlefish said...

Prayer For the Halcyon Fear
pw: cuddlefish

(note: iTunes v4.6.0.15 @320 kps)

alex supertramp said...

ohhhh -- this is AWESOME... I saw tiny lights years ago and they blew my mind .. thanks for the little reminder of what an amazing band these guys were!!!
oh nostalgia and fun!
you ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been looking for this for ages, any chance of a re-post because the link seems to be dead?

Awesome record