Monday, January 14, 2008

the easy listening record

The Easy Listening Record (1989)

1. Soul
2. Happy
3. Sonny (Live)
4. Buy America
5. The Mirror
6. Condemned Bank
7. Untitled
8. Foreign Places
9. Pink Stainless Tail

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cuddlefish said...

The Easy Listening Record
pw: cuddlefish

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awesome. i actually had this CD release years and years ago, bought it new: was in one of those clear plastic bubble-shells. as a fan of 'vegas throat', i couldn't grasp this one - good to check it out again. now, if i could just find '1-800-GODHOUSE' again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I'm a huge fan, and still haven't found 1-800-Godhouse or Peacekeeper (for a reasonable amount of money). Primarily just looking for digital versions, to hear what the earlier stuff sounded like.