Tuesday, September 4, 2007

thunder and consolation

New Model Army
Thunder and Consolation (1989)

1. I Love the World
2. Stupid Questions
3. 225
4. Inheritance
5. Green and Grey
6. Ballad Of Bodmin Pill
7. Family
8. Family Life
9. Vagabonds
10. 125 mph
11. Archway Towers
12. The Charge
13. Chinese Whispers
14. Nothing Touches
15. White Coats

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cuddlefish said...

Thunder and Consolation-1 (tracks 1-7)
Thunder and Consolation-2 (tracks 8-15)
pw: cuddlefish

bob said...

i had forgotten n.m.a. thank you

Anonymous said...

How many songs are there about Bradford's valleys of Green & Grey? A bit too overly sincere and righteous for me but they had some pretty good tunes and were especially good live.