Thursday, September 20, 2007

come see the duck

Green Cosmos EP (2005)

1. Come See the Duck
2. Green Cosmos
3. Malalauma
4. Spiral Golden Town
5. Hot Mint Air Balloon
6. Koneko Kitten
7. Byun

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cuddlefish said...

Green Cosmos
pw: cuddlefish

CitizenRobots said...

I friggin' love this puppy. The awesum!

matt said...

Wow, You post some great music. Cheers for the Deerhoof.

jp said...

I love deerhoof, real original sound, can you tell me the password to unzip files?

cuddlefish said...


jp said...

thanks a lot, i saw the link and carelessly ignored what was the pw above, keep on rockin in the free world

timothy said...

best band ever. EVER!