Tuesday, February 24, 2009

natural history

Natural History: The Very Best of Shriekback (1994)

Disc One
01. Lined Up
02. Clear Trails
03. Accretions
04. Sway
05. Madness Into Method
06. My Spine (Is the Bassline)
07. Mothloop
08. Sexthinkone
09. Evaporation
10. A Kind of Fascination
11. Working on the Ground
Disc Two
01. Nemesis
02. Fish Below the Ice
03. Hand on My Heart
04. New Home
05. Despite Dense Weed
06. Midnight Maps
07. Mercy Dash
08. Malaria
09. Under the Lights
10. My Careful Hands
11. Nerve
12. Lines From the Library


cuddlefish said...

disc one:

disc two:

Justin Crash said...

nice one! as much as i have always loved oil & gold, songs like "my spine" still hits a great groove and "lines form the library" still gives me chills. nice hearing the older stuff again.


asdf said...
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Anonymous said...

Underappreciated! thanks.