Monday, September 29, 2008

cysteine - tyrosine - isoleucine - glutamine - asparagine - cysteine - proline - leucine - glycine

Oxytocin (2006)

1. Oxytocin
2. Rainbow
3. Intro to Dry
4. Dry
5. Happy
6. New Year's
7. At Times at Nightmare
8. Cellos
9. Simple Song
10. December Ghost
11. Piano
12. Caroline
13. Instruments
14. Sweet Dreams


cuddlefish said...


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Miss F said...

how are u cuddlefish?
thanks for sharing so many music with us!
thanks again for the Jesus and Mary Chain albums from way back. i enjoy listening to them!!!!

you are truly a special soul. you bring joy to my life, cuz of the music.

-fredda from the Philippines

michaelDUSTdevil said...

hey Cliff, if you're interested, i've just posted Crippled & The Burnout... at the correct fucking speed (& @320)!!!... begorragh!... hope you are doing well sir...


asdf said...

dont sleep mormore music dance dance dance!! please! im tired of listening to motorama clones