Thursday, August 14, 2008

the a-lines

The A-Lines
You Can Touch (2005)

1. Four
2. Nothing Personal
3. Can't Explain
4. Wrong Way Home
5. You Can Touch
6. Nice
7. More Wax Please
8. Sideways
9. Agitated
10. One Day
11. Day One
12. Last One There


cuddlefish said...

The A-Lines

zip -

torrent -

Brooklyn Bill said...

love this. headcoatees, coachwhips, red aunts -ish.

cuddlefish said...

Both Kyra La Rubia (vocals) and "Bongo" Debbie Green (drums) are in Thee Headcoatees.

Brooklyn Bill said...

There ya go!

hdvns said...

One of my favorites!