Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In a Doghouse

Throwing Muses
In a Doghouse (1998)

Throwing Muses (the self-titled debut album) (1986)
1-01 Call Me
1-02 Green
1-03 Hate My Way
1-04 Vicky's Box
1-05 Rabbits Dying
1-06 America
1-07 Fear
1-08 Stand Up
1-09 Soul Soldier
1-10 Delicate Cutters
Chains Changed EP (1987)
1-11 Finished
1-12 Reel
1-13 Snail Head
1-14 Cry Baby Cry
The Doghouse Cassette (1985)
2-01 Call Me
2-02 Sinkhole
2-03 Green
2-04 Hate My Way
2-05 Vicky's Box
2-06 America (She Can't Say No)
2-07 Fear
2-08 Raise the Roses
2-09 And a She Wolf After the War
2-10 Fish
Bonus Tracks: written in 1983 recorded 1996
2-11 Catch
2-12 Lizzie Sage
2-13 Clear and Great
2-14 Doghouse
2-15 People


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